How do you send visitors to my website?

We have a team of experienced marketers that know how to generate quality traffic from multiple sources including: Solo ad blasts to our own lists of over 900k subscribers, safe lists, and viral mailers. All we need is your url. Our solo ads are sent using generic ads targeted to money making opportunities and internet marketing. We generate millions of visitors and redirect them in full page view back to our customers websites.


Are Your Visitors Targeted?

Our campaigns are targeted to the "make money online", "biz opp", and online marketing niche.


Why are your prices much less than other traffic providers?

This is quite simple. We are able to keep our costs low by using our own in house lists and have great partnerships with many of the largist safe lists and viral mailers that give us discounts.


Can I monitor the process of my traffic order?

Absolutely. Once you've placed your order we will manually set up your campaign and send you your private stats login information so you can track your visitors.


Do you use programs to generate fake traffic to my site?

Absolutely NOT! We value our business too much to use such techniques, and we also consider this practice to be unethical. The traffic we send are real visitors who want to see real websites.


Do you spam or am I in danger of being accused of using spam methods?

No. We do not promote your website using any SPAM techniques. Our method of sending traffic is simply by redirecting real visitors from our own opt-in lists and safe lists back to your website.


What happens after I submit my order?

After submitting your order, delivery will begin within 24 - 72 hours. If there is any issues with your order, one of our team will get in contact with your before delivery starts.


What if my hit counter doesn't show all the traffic I ordered was received?

Some traffic counters don't work very well with our traffic and do not count all the visits we send. Here is some information on this topic:
Google and other third party url tracking companies uses proprietary software to eliminate third party viewers in there statistics. When using cookies to track visits it is not uncommon to see big differences, for all the viewers who have cookies disabled or decline accepting them. It is important to remember that tracking stats by cookies is not and will never be 100%. Also, many viewers simply jump on a page and then off too quickly, for it to register an impression. If a lot of viewers have javascript disabled (or cookie disabled) could account for up to 60%. Additionally, if Google Analytical senses that a particular segment of traffic is coming from behind a proxy server (like AOL) it will throw out all of the location data. I also think that the speed of the google code is an issue, frequently the pages will be loaded and still waiting for analytics to catch up as visitors browse on and the visit vanishes into the ether, the visit needs recording as it is requested, and third party sites can not be depended on to do this, not even google.

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